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Berkshire Half Hog Deposit - September 2023 Butcher Date

Berkshire Half Hog Deposit - September 2023 Butcher Date

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The most economical way to purchase pork is to purchase in bulk!

A half hog is approximately 90 lbs of heritage, soy-free, non-GMO, organic pork that is raised outdoors with plenty of sunshine and room to do what pigs do. You have the option to either have us deliver (for a fee), or you can pick up your butchered hog from our processor in Columbiana county Ohio (Chamberlain's Meats).

These hogs will be available for pickup in early October 2023.

Your butchered hog will arrive frozen, in vacuum sealed bags, and will include the following cuts by default:

- Smoked bacon

- 2 smoked hams (~4 lbs each)

- 1" thick pork chops

- Shoulder roasts (~2-3 lbs each, also known as Pork Butts)

- Spareribs

- 1 hock


The majority of the sausage on a hog comes from grinding the shoulders and the hams. When we keep the shoulders and hams intact, there is not a lot left over for sausage ... which is why we added sausage as a separate option. With this option, we provide you 21 lbs, (packaged in 1 pound packages) equally split of the following:

- Smoked Sausage

- Kielbasa

- Bulk Sausage

Total Cost

The final cost depends on the hanging weight (which comes from the butcher) plus the kill and butchering fee. Your deposit is deducted, and your final bill to us usually comes out to ~$1200 or so. This is heavily dependent on market conditions and weight, so plan accordingly.

Whole Hog?

If you want a whole hog, purchase 2 half hog deposits!

Custom Options

If you would like something custom - let us know ASAP! Email John at and we will accommodate you the best that we can.

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