Collection: Grassfed Lamb

We are big fans of lamb here on Laughlin Highlands Farm. We raise St. Croix hair sheep, an extremely hardy breed of sheep from the island of St. Croix in the Caribbean that grows a hair coat, not a wool coat.

Why does this matter? Well, for a few reasons. Let me count them!

1. Due to the lanolin in the wool, hair sheep do not have the "gamey" taste that lamb can sometimes have. No wool, no lanolin. Our lamb is delicious.

2. Since St. Croix sheep are so darn hardy, we don't need to worm them or give them any other antibiotics. These sheep are organic as organic can be. Just grass, sunshine, and a high quality mineral are all these sheep consume.

3. Lamb is delicious. Seriously. Give it a try. This is lamb that you cannot buy in a store. Just like everything else we raise, our lamb is 100% grass fed and pasture raised. Our sheep do not even know what grain looks like, much less tastes like. If you are looking for high quality protein, it doesn't get much better than our lamb. Also, I am pretty sure lamb is the preferred meat of choice in the Good Book. Just sayin'