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Turkey Deposit - Fall 2023

Turkey Deposit - Fall 2023

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We have been told by our customers that our turkey is some of the best and juiciest that they have ever tasted. Our birds are raised the way that God intended them to live - out on pasture, eating high quality feed that is supplemented naturally by all of the vegetation and bugs they can find. The end result is a superior product that is sure to make for a memorable and tasty Thanksgiving.

We raise a heritage breed of Turkey - the Narragansett. They take longer to raise and are therefore more expensive than your average factory raised grocery store turkey, 

Don't take our word for it - check out this 2011 blind taste test by Bon Appetit magazine between conventional and heritage breeds.

This is a Deposit!

This deposit secures your position for our limited offering of heritage birds. The actual cost will be calculated at the time of butcher, but for a 12-13 lb bird, you are looking at approximately $125 (your deposit will be deducted from the total).


Our turkeys are butchered in late September 2023, and will be available for delivery or pickup starting in early October 2023.

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